Growth and infrastructure updates around the farm

We’ve been a little remiss in updating our website over the last month, but not for lack of developments at the farm. (Plus we’ve posted some shorter updates on our Facebook page.) It’s been a great season so far; we have a lot of healthy plants and are already harvesting many cucumbers and eggplants, with the tomatoes, green beans, and okra beginning to come in as well. We successfully dealt with some powdery mildew on the cucumbers but lost a squash and a watermelon to vine borers — happily we have plenty of others that made it through un-bored. Our farmers have been excellent trellisers this year, keeping cucumbers and tomatoes off the ground and less likely to become diseased.

Our infrastructure committee has also been keeping on top of necessary maintenance. After realizing how water run-off down the hill has been piling soil up behind the compost bins, Phil cleared a path behind the bins (using the excavated soil to re-level the seating area at the top of the hill). We picked up some donated concrete parking stops to construct a retaining wall. There are more improvements in process, including a new path to the top of farm. More pictures to come!

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