WritableFlyer-2010-544x641.pngIn 2017, we collected 9,276 lbs. of plant-based food scraps during our drop off hour on Saturdays from our neighbors as well as from Brooklyn Commune and the Windsor Terrace Food Co-op. These food scraps produced 1,771 lbs. of finished compost for use in our garden beds and for our loyal neighbors. Additionally, some of the raw food scraps were trench-composted into the garden beds.

Food scrap drop off is every Saturday 11AM-12 Noon, except during hazardous weather.


What to compost
Accepted materials include fruit and vegetable scraps, non-greasy food scraps (rice, pasta, bread, cereal etc.), coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, egg and nut shells, pits, cut or dried flowers, houseplants and potting soil.

Please NO meat, chicken, fish, greasy food scraps, fat, oil, dairy, animal waste, litter or bedding, coal or charcoal, coconuts, diseased and/or insect-infested houseplants/soil or biodegradable/compostable plastics.

*Bonus points* Remove rubber bands, labels, etc. and chop food scraps into 1-2″ chunks for faster decomposing.

Bring us your leaves too!



Prospect Farm received a $500 grant for composting from the Citizens Committee / Manhattan SWAB to build an additional 3-bin composting system.