The first edibles in bloom and other planting reports

We’re gradually nearing the point of the growing season where things start getting really exciting. While we’ve been harvesting some greens and strawberries, our peas are finally blooming and some of our hot peppers are about to flower as well. Two weeks ago we planted more cucumbers, beans, and vining flowers along the fence…

Planting two weeks ago

… and the beans have shot up the fastest of them all!


As of this weekend, we are pretty much all planted. We have a few spots available for some late finds, but we seeded our dedicated kale bed and our straw bales, so we have fulfilled our initial planting plan, including achieving our goal of doing more companion planting, like our raised bed with onions and scallions paired with lettuces.

This year we have two bales, one with melons (watermelons and cantaloupe) and one with squashes (we have an heirloom spaghetti squash and then a variety of zucchinis). We’ll be watching these for one of our biggest pest nemeses, the vine borer.

Bales are planted

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