Notes from first two works days of the year

Fruit tree blooming

We’ve had two productive work days so far, and in between we had our biggest snow fall of the year. Happily the snow was mostly gone by the weekend.

On St Patrick’s Day we did a lot of clean-up around the beds, bundling up branches and twigs, re-building a stone wall behind one of the beds, moving raspberries, and collecting soil for testing. Plus we planted onions and shallots in one of the raised beds.

This week we took on the shed, pulling everything out, purging, and reorganizing everything that went back in. We had some daffodils that survived the snow admirably, but some especially wet compost that needed some extra help — we learned that this is a common spring experience as frozen greens finally thaw out. Jo gave an impromptu clipper sharpening tutorial. We noticed our recently pruned fruit trees blooming more than we’ve ever seen before (see main image above). Weather permitting, we hope to be back at it next week!


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