Sandy and dirty

With Hurricane Sandy on its way, this weekend farm members came out to prepare for high winds and heavy rains. Fortunately, at this time of the year the growing season is pretty much over, so we don’t have to worry to much about damage to our crops. We’ve secured buckets and other composting supplies that might get carried away by a powerful gust, and our tools and supplies are snug and safe in the lovely shed we built last winter.

Our biggest concern was related to our fruit tree prep project, which has involved clearing a large area of the upper hill on the farm and creating terraces reinforced with walls made from rocks and rubble conveniently located on the land.



After finishing up some of the terracing, we mixed in compost to prep the soil for the trees and covered the ground with burlap coffee bags secured with rocks. This should help keep the rain from washing loose soil away and onto our lower beds.



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