Fall projects and volunteer opportunities

We’ve had a productive growing season at Prospect Farm and enjoyed a wonderful variety of fresh foods (exact harvest amounts are coming soon). Growing is winding down, but the fall is a great time for non-growing projects, and we need you to help!


Hard at work in the herb bed this summer

Our big project for the next few weeks is planting six new fruit trees. We’re excited to be getting a donation from MillionTreesNYC of two plum trees, two apricot trees, and two apple trees. The trees will be delivered in November, so in October we need to clear and prepare places for them.

We welcome volunteers to come help us out with fruit tree prep and planting (and any other farm tasks that need to be done) on the following dates:

Sunday, October 7, 12-3pm
Sunday, October 28, 12-3pm
Saturday, November, 10 1-5pm

Once the fruit tree project is done, we hope to start building a covered platform where we can hold gatherings. Stay tuned for more info and volunteer opportunities!

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