Parks Dept Rules & Regs for Wood Debris

What can I put out for chipping?

  • You can put out firewood or organic (i.e. green or untreated)
    woody debris from trees and shrubs, including living, dead, cut, or
    fallen branches, twigs, logs, stumps, roots, and anything ยฝ inch or
    over in diameter.

How do I bundle the debris?

  • All wood debris must be free of nails, cement, or any other non-
    wood materials.
  • Debris must be bundled in bales no larger than 3 by 4 feet. Bundles must be tied with twine or rope.
  • There is a maximum of 30 bundles permitted per appointment.
  • Do not use nylon line, tape, or other binding material to bundle
    woody debris.
  • No single piece of debris can be greater than 4 feet long or 10
    inches wide.
  • Bundle all trees and wood with twine

What can’t I put out ?

  • Treated or painted lumber, which includes wood furniture, wood pallets, and building lumber, as well as mulch, chips, and leaves will continue to be serviced by the Department of Sanitation.
  • This service is NOT for Christmas tree disposal.
  • In addition, any organic woody debris that is generated from commercial activity is not eligible for the program. Wood debris generated from hired tree contractors or fee-for service personnel is considered commercial waste, and it is therefore the responsibility of the contractor to arrange for appropriate private disposal.
  • Lumber, wood furniture, and pallets do not require special pick up; i.e., they’ll be picked up by regular sanitation collection.