Late summer discoveries around the farm

It’s been a hot, wet summer, and the farm is still pretty lush and green (except for the tomatoes and cucumbers which are getting a bit blighted). We are finally finding out what some of our mystery, volunteer vines are: we have a honeydew melon (hanging on the fence, supported by a plant pot) and some delicata squash. Our butternut squash is also doing fabulous, and we’ll have a few melons from the straw bale.

Sadly, all our zucchini succumbed to the vine borers yet again. Here’s one of the plants with the tell-tale slits. They are so frustrating because the plants look so healthy until they suddenly start dying — at which point it’s too late to save them. We will have to be more aggressive with our vine borer prevention if we decide to try zucchini squash again. Luckily the borers are less interested in butternut and other winter squashes!

Vine borers

Elsewhere around the farm, we are excited about our new terraced beds behind the compost bins, some beautiful amaranth, volunteer okra, and the new upper pathway on the hill.


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