Temperatures are dropping, we’re still going

The temperatures have dropped a little as we’ve moved into September, but the farm is still going strong with peppers aplenty, okra still blooming, and the kale getting ever taller as we harvest it. We still have one more watermelon to ripen, and the seedlings in the new bed are coming along just nicely. But we are thinking about the coming end of the season, so there are some specimens tagged for seed collection.

We’re also seeing some of our plants wind down — including the cucumbers, which looked too sad to photograph. Also there is evidence of a lot of pests and afflictions, including the tomato plants which continue to succumb to blight, nasturtiums covered in aphids and surrounded by morning glory, as well as pepper leaves pocked from some unknown nuisance.

But this is all part of the growing experience. And since not all insects are problems, let’s leave with this bee pollinating away on these flowers:

Bee in action

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