Late-July harvest status at the farm

It’s been hot and humid without a lot of rain, so we’ve been working hard to keep up with plenty of watering. We are just starting to get some ripe tomatoes with so many more to come, though some tomato leaves have started to turn yellow — our pest committee is investigating as a possible attack. There are so many cucumbers, I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of any of them hiding in and around the fence. The okra is the one plant loving this weather, and it never seems to look wilted. The watermelon in the straw bale is doing great, though we weren’t sure how to tell when to harvest them. The seed packet indicated they were ready when the underside turns yellow, so we picked our first one based on that tip. Unfortunately it wasn’t ripe yet! But we have another one far along on the vine (and more little babies), and I did a search for recipes to make use of underripe watermelon. More to come on that topic!

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