Busy weeks of plant growth and bed construction

It’s been a busy couple weeks at the farm, and everything is now really coming alive. Most of our plants have seen explosive growth just in the last few weeks. We’re just now getting our first cucumbers, and there are tons of tomatoes we hope to see ripe soon with more flowers blooming. The fence is on its way to being lushly covered in nasturtiums, green beans, and cukes.

We also recently got a shipment of lumber and soil from GreenThumb, which we used to fill up our herb beds and build a couple more raised beds. Though we are committed to improving our soil (as talked about here), our concerns about lead tests results have encouraged us to do some raised bed gardening in the meantime. This will enable us to consider growing some of the root veggies we’ve avoided out of safety — like carrots, beets, and radishes! We are still waiting on another shipment of soil to get going on planting the big beds. In the meantime, our construction team used some of the wood scraps to build two benches for our lounge area up on the hill.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to help with this project, especially our farm newcomers!

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