Hot, sunny, and ready for summertime

Our usual Saturday work hours were filled with watering, weeding, spreading tomatoes around, and filling in some empty spots in our plots. Some green beans didn’t come up, so we decided to try again and planted more seeds.


We have a lot of blooms around the farm now, from nasturtium to roses to yarrow to the so-called cardinal climber (which looks quite purple so far). We planted more sunflowers in our all-flower bed. Our mixed kales are also looking quite happy.


In the tomato realm, we have so many and so many large varietals (we weren’t totally sure what they were when we planted them!) that we needed to shuffle some around because they were getting crowded. Several plants were potted up to sell at the Windsor Terrace Food Coop; thanks to Corey and Jo for coordinating! We’ve started caging up our tomatoes, and we spied a few tiny fruits. So far we are harvesting strawberries, greens, and herbs and can’t wait to start picking tomatoes too.


Our okra still is not thriving, though most of the plants have hung in there. Any ideas what’s wrong?

Sad okra

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