2017 Kick-off at Prospect Farm

Old and new members gathered for orientation

We had our first group meeting at the farm today to meet and orient new members and start talking about the planting plan for 2017. Since the weather was so nice, we also got some early clean-up done, clearing out around the tulips and daffodils. The planting committee hopes to start organizing over the next two weeks, so we’ll be ready to get seeds started/planted and start this year off strong.

We’ve planned our first official work day of the year for next Saturday, March 4th from 10 AM until 1 PM. We’ll be trench composting, turning over beds, and doing more general cleanup.

You can tell how mild this winter was, as we have a lot of greens still going strong from last year. The asian greens and arugula were planted late last summer as a fall crop, but the collards have been going since last spring!

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