Summer Harvests

Great things are growing at Prospect Farm: tomatoes are still in their high season, and there is eggplant, cucumbers, pole beans, chard, kale, tomatillos, melons, lettuce, and lots of herbs. We harvest three times a week at Prospect Farm. It hardly takes any time for a ripe tomato to fall off the vine, and other vegetables (especially cucumbers) grow so quickly this time of year they can get bigger than we want them to be. Sometimes the cherry tomatoes seem to ripen in the couple of hours we’re out for our Saturday workdays.

Cherry tomatoes

We track the amount of all of our harvests as part of Farming Concrete’s Crop Count, a community-based research project to track how much food is grown in NYC’s community gardens and school gardens. Here’s a sample from a couple of our harvests in August:

Prospect Farm harvest tally

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